18 December 2013

Best of Charleston Nominations

Cannon St., Charleston, S.C.

Best of Charleston 2014 Nominations

As 2013 ticks away, it's the perfect time to take stock of the year gone by. Sure, Joe Riley is still mayor and the Crosstown still floods, but 2013 had its moments, so we're switching things up for Best of Charleston 2014. We're pretty excited about it and think you will be too.

Here's the deal: From December 18-January 10, we will accept nominations for Best of Charleston 2014. We'll tally up the top four nominees, toss in the 2013 winner and from January 15–February 4, you'll come back right here and cast your vote from those five nominees to crown the Best of Charleston 2014.
Pretty simple, right? (Obviously, some categories are year-specific, so "Best News Story of 2012" won't be nominated for 2014.)
So go ahead and get nominating!
Hmmm....there is a different system to vote for the Charleston City Paper's Best of Charleston this year.  The form starts off by asking for nominations to go on the voting ballot. It lists last year's winner and then we have the chance to toss in our nominations so there could be some new names in the hat.  Here is the link. Go for it!

Although most of my readers are from "off" and don't vote for City Paper's winners, do feel free to write Charleston Daily Photo in the Best Local Blog category.

Who else should we write in to vote for?


William Kendall said...

A beautiful shot, Joan!

Anonymous said...

We, Patty and I, visited your city and took a tour of the historical district and enjoyed that. I had a really strong desire to go inside some of the homes but couldn't, of course. Still, it makes one wonder if there are past lives as I seem to be haunted by the idea that I have been there before or done that before. Anyway, it is a nice city and a pretty house you have photographed.

Charlestonjoan said...

Oh, Abe, I hope you had a grand time! We do lay claim to a number of haunted properties.