26 November 2013

Rare Mermaid Breeding Grounds

Mt. Pleasant Antique Mall, 708 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
My friend Donna shared a Facebook photo of her antique booth in a vendor mall in Mt. Pleasant recently. I spotted a sweet rattan stool that I liked and hoping to encourage her new business venture, I claimed it it. She tagged it for me and the weekend before last I drove out on a Saturday morning to pick up my stool. Then I made the mistake of looking around. 

Holy cow, they had some great stuff. It is called the Mt Pleasant Mall and is where the old Sofa Super Store was. I walked around and almost escaped without doing further damage to my wallet until I spotted a hand carved wooden mermaid in the far back corner. My baby. 

When I downsized to a smaller house to my current rancher I got rid of almost everything. I needed to add some character to my nest and I had found my character. With her tail fin at my shoulders I crammed her into my little car and got her safely home. I've found a stone to set her on and secured her to my wall. I grin every time I see her. 

Last Saturday I went back to check on a little serving tray I had resisted. I wandered back to see what they put in my mermaid's spot and low and behold her original hand carved wooden twin was there! How amazing is that?

Then I saw another one! Identical mermaid triplets. How often can that happen? Alert the marine biologists.

Luckily I still like my gal although I am not hosting a sibling reunion.  I do think MY triplet is the most attractive, don't you?


William Kendall said...

She fits quite nicely in at your home!

That's the kind of establishment I could spend hours in.

Charlestonjoan said...

William, it is a wonderland! It is so big and the prices didn't seem to crazy. Very tempting.

chuckography said...

I agree Joan. YOURS is the cutest of the siblings trio. Pick of the litter. (Or , would it be best of the class/school?)

Marcheline said...

She ROCKS, Joan. Also, thanks for the floor porn. I escape the misery of my worn carpeting and ratty baseboards by looking at photos of other people's lovely wood floors and perfectly painted trim.