14 November 2013

From the files - Chasing the Black Cabs of Charleston

Chalmers St., Charleston, S.C.
Some of my readers may be recent enough not to know that I used to hunt the elusive Black Cabs of Charleston and take pictures of them in their tranplanted homeland. It tickled me to no end to see the British Cabs in our lowcountry.

I took so many pictures of them that the owners at that time gave me use of a cab for a morning and let me instruct the driver where to park while I jumped out to get a picture.  I steered him all the way out to Folly Beach to get my favorite shots.

I don't see the cabs as much anymore. The company was sold and I believe they are primarily used for weddings and events now. Too bad.



  1. We have a number of them here... though I have not been in one.

    Good shots!

    1. I loved seeing them around town. They used to park in a row behind Charleston Place Hotel.

  2. Joan, This is a great story and terrific photo.

  3. These are so cool, Joan. You must be an honorary cabbie by now.

  4. Reminds me of my favorite BBC TV series, "Sherlock" - the black cabs are practically characters in the story!

  5. Dear Joan, Interesting story and nice shots you have shred here .All shots are good. Thanks for sharing.
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