05 November 2013

Bear with me

A moment in the sun, Walterboro, S.C.
Walterboro gets a lot of bad press because of it's high crime rate. It's too bad since it isn't far from Charleston and I have to tell you they have some great antique stores. Check out the bear! I've been wanting a chain saw carved bear for my back yard and while this fella came from an amusement park at least he was light enough to be moved. Luckily he cost too much for me to see if he would fit in the back seat with his head sticking out the window.

I bought the cool frame below for the frame ($19) thinking I could enlarge a print to go in it. I hung her up and I find myself getting attached to her. The sketch was drawn when I was three years old so she would be my age now. Maybe it's me! I brought home the platter as well and can see a small turkey on it for Thanksgiving.Now, I wonder if I can find a used bulletproof vest so I can go back to Walterboro? I hope they solve some of this crime soon so y'all can check out the deals.