04 October 2013

Boo Charleston! Boo!

Tradd & Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.

Thanks to the owner of this house at Tradd and Meeting St. for taking the trouble to entertain us all during holiday by decorating her house. I've featured this house before at Christmas time. Fun! This time she put a witch hat on the peak of the house. No easy job that.

Below - someone always has to play the drama queen!


Marcheline said...

Fab! Also smart to display them on a balcony, so they don't "walk away". The name "Tradd St." annoys my brain. I want it to be "Trade St." There's your dose of OCD for the day. 8-)

Pixel Peeper said...

How creative...I love it!

Jack said...

Some people get creative for Halloween, don't they? I will carve a couple of pumpkins and call it quits.