17 September 2013

On the Road - Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis
It's time to whisk you away from Charleston again because I never posted the pictures from my visit to Crown Hill Cemetery on my recent trip to Indianapolis. I dashed out the door the minute my workshop was done and flagged down a cab aiming to find John Dillinger's grave.

Duh me. The cab driver asked where I wanted to be let off and I suggested the main gate as we passed block after block of walled cemetery grounds. Turns out there are 555 acres, 25 miles of paved road and over 200,000 graves. Oooops.

I never did find Dillinger but I had a good walk and it is a lovely cemetery. I followed a line in the road to an Information Office only to find it closed and map containers empty so I explored trying not to get too lost and luckily my loyal and well tipped Nigerian cab driver came back to get me and then drove me to the airport the next day. It didn't even dawn on me to try to pull up a map on my phone. Sorry Dillinger. Catch ya next time!