15 September 2013

Ashley River

Ashley River, Charleston, S.C.
As the name suggests, West Ashley is just across the Ashley River from the Charleston peninsula but unfortunately it isn't a pleasant trip by foot or bicycle. To take the pictures of the paddle board race yesterday I parked at the Holiday Inn, took my life in my hands to get across the street to get to the narrow sidewalk on the bridge. I had to stay alert for any bikes trying to share the space. It's too bad since so many people live close to the river and could take advantage of walking to things on either side.

I took the shot below looking down into the marsh. Someone had been enjoying a read by the side of the river. I've had some fun trying to guess what the book was. It is right next to the area under the bridge and may well belong to a street person who has found a hideaway spot.


AbleDanger said...

I love the harbor shot.

Teccchnnnically....cyclists are not to be on the sidewalks. I believe it's illegal statewide.

Charlestonjoan said...

It is illegal but I'm not sure what the best practice on that bridge would be. That grated draw bridge is probably tricky to bike on but the sidewalk is very narrow.