26 August 2013

Where the deer and the buffalo roam.....say what?!

Buffalo, S.C.
No. This is NOT something I am accustomed to seeing in the Lowcountry. Deer roaming maybe, but buffalo? A herd of buffalo? Friendly monsters they were. They thought my camera might be a tasty treat and ambled over my way. Wow.

It was dusk out but I couldn't miss the chance to get a quick photo. I spotted them on Hwy 311 on the way back from Eutawville this weekend. What a great sight!

Googling around I see we do have a couple of Bison ranches in South Carolina but none listed in this area. This was my first sighting and it was pretty impressive.


BevAnneS said...

Wow, there's one a stone's throw from my house. Will be checking it out in the near future.

Charlestonjoan said...

They are impressive looking animals. They all came wandering over to me. Quite a sight!

Cullen said...

That looks like Mr. Hyde's house out near Cross. Was there a property with horses across the road? If so, Joey Bradshaw(I know you've had pictures of Nina Bradshaw on here) does(or used to do) his landscaping.

Charlestonjoan said...

Cullen - Yes! There were beautiful horses right across the street. What do you know about the bison?

Cullen said...

I don't really know anything about them, unfortunately. I just worked out there on that property and the one with the horses across the street a few years ago when I was working landscaping with Joey.