23 August 2013

What the good people of the lowcountry are doing this weekend - SC Mission 2013

SC Mission 2013, Charleston, S.C.
There is an amazing scene at the Charleston Convention Center this weekend. Medical staff from all of our area hospitals, dental offices, healthcare agencies, non-profits and general volunteers have joined together to offer free healthcare, dental and vision care to people in need at SC Mission 2013. Similar events have been held in other parts of the country, Columbia and the upstate but this the first one for Charleston. The SC Hospital Association set up the date, came to town with the plan and folks in Charleston jumped into action.

They had a good PR team in place and I understand it has already been featured on tv. I wanted to be respectful of people's privacy so I didn't even take my camera. Then, I broke down and borrowed one from one of the Security Officers helping out. Heheh.

People were lined up before dawn waiting to get in. The event is so well organized that they were well able to handle the anticipated crowds today. The dental room is amazing. The entire room is full of rows of dental chairs with gowned and masked dentists and hygienists taking care of people. In the medical/vision section people are being given free medication and processed for free glasses if they need them. It is awesome to see all these volunteers rally together to do what needs to be done. I clearly know a lot of good people in Charleston because I saw so many folks I know there.

The event continues until 6 p.m. this evening and from 6 - noon tomorrow. If you know people without any insurance who need medical help please spread the word. I know the dental and vision section is at capacity for today but will resume in the morning. Thanks to everyone who made this work.

Post & Courier article

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