13 August 2013

Overheard in Iceland

"There are no ugly women in Iceland"
The Vikings picked up slave women in Scotland and Ireland as they sailed to settle in Iceland. The theory is that they only took the most attractive women.

"Soaking is part of our culture" 
With all the hot springs around, soaking in hot pools is a favored pastime. The Blue Lagoon is between the airport and the city which makes it convenient for people to stop by on the way home for a hot soak.

"It's ALL about the fish"
I ate fish everyday. From pickled herring and tuna at breakfast, to cod, salmon, Arctic char and haddock for dinner.

"We don't drink the geothermal water, Joan"
Bathrooms and showers are interesting to figure out in different countries. In Iceland there was often a strong sulphur rotten egg smell when the hot water ran. The hot water was geothermal and the cold water was spring water. I soon learned to run the cold water for a few minutes before I took a gulp or brushed my teeth. Yuck!

"Your last name tells who you came from. Your first name tells us who you are"
The phone book lists everyone by their first name. Last names simply describe you as your father's son or daughter.

I can't resist sharing a few more photos. The trip I took was coordinated through Nordic Visitor. I was completely pleased. They have a Facebook page as well. More of my trip photos here.

Our last hotel on the road

Nice idea but not Johns Island tomatoes
Skyramasu! Skyr is Iceland's yogurt
I soaked in this one
Icelandic gas station. Yep.