06 August 2013

On the road again - Iceland

I haven't abandoned ship!   Stick with me, kids. I am off gallivanting in Iceland and what an adventure I am having.  Since I am traveling on my own I joined a small group -Swedish, Australian, British, Isreali, Canadian and little old me. The dinner conversation is enlightening to say the least. Each morning we take off to explore new sights - incredible waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers and today a boat ride in a glacier lake. The scenery is breathtaking and the country is safe, friendly and clean. I am snug in a tiny hotel bed under a white fluffy duvet anticipating new adventures in the morning. Wifi hasn't been reliable enough to mess with uploading photos unfortunately so that will need to wait. Y'all behave while I am away. Love, Joan 


  1. No worries...we're patiently waiting right here until you have a chance to upload pictures and tell us all about your fantastic trip.

    Have a great time!

  2. It is pretty cool getting a report from Iceland. I can just envision you typing away with only your nose and fingers peeking out from under the duvet.

  3. Where's Andre when you really need him?

  4. Can't wait to share your trip via your photos. Have fun. ;)


  5. Have fun, but don't count on me behaving while you're away. I don't behave when you're here, why should things change? 8-)


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