03 July 2013

Hurrah for short work weeks!

King & Broad St., Charleston, S.C.
This evening's photos are a couple that I grabbed on a recent walk downtown in between rain showers. I looked back at a dark threatening cloud and made it West Ashley just in time. It rained again most of the morning today but I had bright skies for my quick march around the hood just now. You wouldn't think I grew up in the rainiest place in the world, would you? But I did.

Bad news, kids. My air-conditioner is struggling. We never plan ahead for that, do we? It is cooler than outside but not by much. Do you think a stern talking to will make a difference? I've been talking to the thermostat but I may need to go outside and cuss at the unit.

Can't hurt my mood though as we head into a long weekend. Enjoy!