25 July 2013

How much is that Seafood in the window?

Dave's Seafood Carry Out, Charleston, S.C.
It might not be the most fashionable restaurant in town but check out Dave's Seafood Restaurant rave reviews on Google, Yelp and even a nice review from Garden & Gun.

I didn't eat at Dave's today but I have eaten well. I enjoyed fried catfish at a late lunch meeting at the Glass Onion and just got back from walking through the North Charleston Farmer's Market and then picking up some Mahi tacos at Sesame with my son. I think I need to go out for a very long walk. If I can move.


Pixel Peeper said...

I love fish tacos, too! Wish we had a take out place like this around here.

Charlestonjoan said...

I am new to fish tacos but they are a nice light treat.

chuckography said...

Joan, usually the fish in my tacos is fried but Taco Spot serves it completely differently. NOT fried. Check it out. Have fun in Iceland!