13 July 2013

Awakening - 1600 Meeting St.

Patch Whisky, 1600 Meeting St., Charleston
Here are a couple shots of the Awakening art installations at 1600 Meeting St. today sponsored by Enough Pie.  One little snag - there was no airconditioning in the building and the heat and humidity had my camera lens so fogged up I had a hard time using my camera during the time I was there. Maybe it will impart a mysterious mood to my pictures. Heheh.

I was pleased to meet photographer Jared Bramlett who was showing photographs of many back-road scenes that looked familiar to me. Check out his site at: jaredbramlett.com


Kate said...

Looks like an unusual art event. Very colorful and cheery.

Marcheline said...

Wacky stuff! Love the ferns in wee cloth bags...