09 June 2013

Tweet, tweet Charleston

Wentworth St., Charleston, S.C.
I randomly came on a site that lists recent links and tweets that relate to Charleston. These are recent tweets that mention Charleston:


  • 68 days until Charleston is my home.
  • Charleston girls all the same 
  • Can't remember her name but she was flying a plane. When she was there she told them about Charleston 
  • Thank you Charleston SC for showing me how much more Charleston WV sucks! #WrongCity back to life back to reality
  • Just take me to charleston already....
  • Finally in Charleston 
  • My summer wardrobe consist of the bare minimum. It's going to be a hottt summer in Charleston.
  • Ok it's official, I've only been here for 2 hours but I wanna live in Charleston the rest of my life...
  • The next time we will see each other will be in nine weeks, then we start our new life in Charleston SC!!
  • I just can't wait to be living in Charleston. It's the only place I feel at home and it's the only place I can think. 
  • Can you go back to Charleston
  • i hope the novelty of me living back in charleston wears off soon because all of this family time is exhausting (but i love it)


Marcheline said...

I would love to have wee window boxes under my front windows too... but I'm afraid of letting anyone drill into my 1925 brick house! 8-)

Catalyst said...

I could probably live in Charleston if you could just do something about the humidity. (Written on a dry day in Phoenix when the temperature was only 106.)