10 June 2013

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston

Charlotte St., Charleston, S.C.
Here is another sweetie in the Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston category. This one is on Charlotte St.

In other news - more rain.


  1. I could live there!!

  2. Okay, now this is cool. At first, I thought you only wanted the ones with the faux facades (yes, I know there is another name for that, but it is escaping me.) Also, I was thinking it had to be a business, so regardless if the topic name, you are looking for tiny building in the immediate Charleston area, correct? I have a mess of them and then some.

    1. The little business shops are a sub-category with a new fascination. If you see one that fits that model let me know! I like tiny houses in general but I am tracking those down. They are primarily Barber Shops. I found another one in Georgetown.

  3. john prince6:21 AM

    Really nice photo of a nice lookin house, Joan.

  4. Super "personality". I'd love to live in something like this. *dream on*

  5. I'm just glad they're smart enough to keep the ivy from climbing all the way up that tree. I've got an ivy bed, myself, and even though it grows slowly, it needs constant vigilance to make sure it's not creeping up and suffocating the trees. Lovely pic, Joan.

  6. What curious blinds, or shutters.

  7. just love the teeny houses and that one is a beauty!


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