09 June 2013

Swim, my little rubber duckie swim!

Rotary Duck Race, Wando Bridge, Charleston, S.C.
My $10 duck may not have won the Rotary Duck Race but I felt like the grand prize winner being out on the water to watch the annual festivities. What fun!

I had invited St. Andrew's Rotary Club members to set up a table selling ducks at the hospital last month since they had generously included Nursing Scholarships as a beneficiary of the charity. I mentioned on Friday that I might head out to Daniel Island to watch the ducks come in and the next thing I knew there was a package in my mailbox with a ticket for the Rotary sponsored boat going out to watch the drop from under the Wando bridge. Too fun! Thanks to Philip Cook for my fun morning. I love last minute adventures.

The ducks are sponsored for $10 and then dumped off the Wando Bridge. Not all the swimmers followed directions and I got a kick out the Rotary Navy boats equipped with nets to capture the strays - and with the current and winds most of them did stray! Heheh. Naturally those were my favorite pictures.

It is estimated that $100,000 was raised for a number of charities. Thanks Rotarians!


Catalyst said...

Love that first picture of the suicidal ducks leaping off the bridge!

Charlestonjoan said...

Yes! Next year I am going to bring in some Kenyan racing ducks. Heheh.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd known to look for you on the boat! We had 3 ducks in the race -- bet they were among the strays. It was a fun event, and I look forward to it next year. Your pictures capture it well, of course!
- SCSue

Charlestonjoan said...

It was such a beautiful morning! I felt very lucky to be included at the last minute. What a great program. It is hard to think of any new and creative way to raise funds and they seem to have hit on something that everyone enjoys.