14 June 2013

Found another, and another....tiny business buildings

Ellis Photo Studio, Charleston, S.C.
I swore these little buildings were everywhere but now that I am looking for them, they are harder to find. Ain't that always the way? I tracked down two more - the Ellis Photo Studio above and Dan's Barber Shop below is in Georgetown.

Busy week and I am happy to see Friday. My flock of SCRUBS students graduated and I got to meet all their proud parents. It has been a week of happy chaos. They were a wonderful group and I have every confidence they will be our future health care providers. We will be in good hands. Forgive me if I owe anyone an email or call. I have lived and breathed teenagers for the entire week!
Dan's Barber Shop, Fraser St., Georgetown, S.C.
Relic Revival, Summerville, S.C.
Fashion Barber & Beauty, Moncks Corner, S.C.
1st Class Cuts, Charleston, S.C.

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