27 May 2013

It's Jasmine time!

Confederate Jasmine Gate, Charleston, S.C.
Let's make a law that every homeowner in Charleston is required to plant Confederate Jasmine and azaleas. It won't pass, but how much more fun to argue about than the current bills up for discussion. I am stepping up and offering to be the Floral Inspector.

Welcome to Charleston. You will need to plant some jasmine.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
No, I don't.
Get out.

Thanks to these upstanding citizens who followed my unwritten rules for living in the lowcountry. I must be allowed to stay as well. I had my old garage covered in jasmine in town and although it isn't blooming yet, I have some started in my new nest.


  1. Beverly4:13 PM

    Mine here in the Upstate is going strong right now, too. My whole patio smells wonderful.

  2. Oh, sure, rub it in. I've tried over and over to get confederate jasmine to grow at my house, and it just sits there looking at me for a year or two, refusing to grow, and then it dies. DANG IT. 8-) Lovely pics, though, as always.

  3. I so miss mine from my house. Have you tried cuttings?


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