05 April 2013

Spring time glory

Magnolia Plantation Gardens, Charleston, S.C.
Magnolia Gardens pulls me like a magnet at this time of year. It is impossible to resist and you can see why. How perfectly lovely. I did a quick walk through the blossoms and the swamp walk happily clicking away. Photographers were tripping over themselves today with all the latest equipment, long lenses and tripods. I slipped in between them, snapped a couple shots and skipped along my merry way.

Cooper River Bridge run in the morning, kids. Who is running?


  1. Look at those blossoms! Great bridge reflection.

    1. It is pretty amazing. I am sorry you missed it. I was tripping over photographers.

  2. These are really lovely photos. I live in the desert southwest but will be traveling to Charleston in 10 days. I've been making plans for quite some time and started following your blog to help with my relentless anticipation. I'm always saying how much I miss green and seeing these photos and knowing that I'll be witness to the very same, very soon, just makes me so very happy. How lucky you are to live where it is so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous, Joan. So pretty!


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