03 April 2013

Spring Break Charleston Style

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.
There is a early warm day in Charleston when Marion Square fills up with college students in bikinis, Frisbee players, happy dogs, picnickers and now hammocks. These must be the perfect trees. I left, walked around and came back and there was a different hammock in place. Happy Spring Break!


  1. How smart is that? Nice place to read a book, if you can focus that is ;)

  2. One of Bear's and my fondest memories is from our trip up to Mystic, CT. The inn we were staying at had a massive 2-person hammock in the back. We both took a book and went out there to read a while, but ended up watching the birds and joking around, laughing ourselves silly, then taking a short nap before heading out on the town. Hammocks RULE!


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