01 April 2013

First paddle of the year

Lake Marion, S.C.
With both of my children with me this weekend and it was good to wet the paddles for the first time this year. Bike rides, a bonfire and lazy evenings reading. I am a fortunate woman. 

Even better - I worked Friday so I could take today off. Woohoo!


  1. does anyone row around there?

  2. Not too much. Seems like most people do open kayaks here.

    We do have a big dragon boat festival - is that paddling or rowing?

  3. that sounds more like paddling

    I have a racing shell for crew which needs a dock to launch from, most clubs usually have a boathouse next to the water with a dock

    I am always on the lookout for new places to row and Charleston is a cool place

  4. I got to go for the first time this past Sunday. There were a couple of other paddlers out there, a few boats and thankfully only one jet ski. I needed the time.


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