27 March 2013

Wisteria in the churchyard

St. John's Lutheran Churchyard, Charleston, S.C.

No fair maid of Algeria,
muchacha from Iberia,
has beauty that’s superior
to flowering wisteria.
Some call her purple, some say mauve,
I fancy her, for she is fauve.
Wisterially, I’m feeling chauv-
inistic for her in her grove.
With blossom purple and imperious
she beckons to me, mauve, mysterious,
and draws me to her, mute but serious,
and wonderful and wild, wisterious.
Gershon Hepner

As I searched for a Wisteria related poem to go along with my images, I discovered that McClellanville has an annual Wisteria parade. I couldn't find any dates listed for this year but they may not be trying to draw outside attention to it. Cool!


  1. such a fun poem. and lovely wisteria. makes me wistfulia for such a sight.

  2. What a delightful post! Mmmm, wisteria smells so wonderful!

  3. I love wisteria because its appearance always signals that spring - particularly warm weather - is right around the corner. Nice contrast between old and new in the photos.

  4. I love the spices aroma of wisteria. Ours will not have any blooms this year because of the recent hail storm.

  5. That poem is wisterical! Lovely photos, Joan. 8-)


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