22 March 2013

The Hospital Herald - 1899

The Hospital Herald, Charleston, S.C.
This is a page from the Hospital Herald, Charleston 1899. I have discovered that the Waring Library at MUSC has digitized the copies of the medical journal. It is a fascinating glimpse at medical history in the lowcountry and I have been reading them all. Copies of the journal can be found: Lowcountry Digital Library.

The Hospital Herald is described as: The Official organ of the Association of Colored Physicians of South Carolina, edited by Dr. A.C. McClennan, surgeon in charge of the Colored Hospital and Training School for Nurses at 135 Cannon St., Charleston, S.C. Topics discussed in this issue include the financial needs of the hospital and solicitations of donations for indebtedness. Other topics include winter illnesses, sanitation and hygiene, and nurse-training.

How times have changed. They are hoping for donations of $15 to support a free bed for a month and $300 would pay the salary of the Head Nurse for a year.  Click below to see local Charleston advertisers in the Herald.


  1. i wonder if there are remnants of any of these frims. The hospital costs are hysterical. Today, $300 line item would be "Park and Walk in Door."

    1. I know. What a deal! The hospital was on Canon St. and is now an MUSC office. Dr. McClennan the chief doctor and publisher of the Hospital Herald lived in the house I used to live in downtown. I am a big fan.

  2. love this material. thank you for posting it, joan.


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