09 February 2013

Aquarium Visit

Jelly Fish tank, SC Aquarium, Charleston, S.C.
My son suggested a visit to the SC Aquarium yesterday and it was the perfect time for it. No crowds. The otters were full of energy. All the critters were on their best behavior. I'm trying to show my dad the best of Charleston without wearing him out. I love the jellyfish tank, the sea horses and the otters. The albino alligator is quite dramatic - check out Doug's Photo Blog recent entry on that big fella.


  1. Your own photo of the jellyfish is quite dramatic! I love the photo of you and your father; what a wonderful keepsake for you. You are really showing him great parts of your city. Thank you so much for sharing him with us!

  2. Kate - I am doing my best. Took him for a drive up to the lake to my favorite spot today. He is content to sit and read for the most part. All well so far.

  3. Wonderful photos Joan. So glad you are able to share. I heard Magnolia is looking pretty nice. Maybe you could hit there? So many things to do!

    1. It is nice! We went there yesterday morning. I was actually heading to Drayton Hall but discovered it was closed.

  4. A really stunning photo of the jellyfish against that blue! Nice picture of you and your dad too.

  5. What a wonderful photo of you and your dad... you look like a little girl when you stand next to him, something about the expression on your face, a glow. Hugs to you and your folks.

  6. The aquarium is a fascinating place to visit. I hope your dad enjoyed it. Your shot of the jelly fish is wonderful... these little guys are difficult to capture! Thank you very much for the link :^)


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