16 January 2013

Tiny cars

Franklin St., Charleston, S.C.
Just like extra chocolate, cheese and/or good tomatoes improve any meal, a cute car improves a photo. I don't have this car but I do have a car small enough that I am constantly thinking it has been stolen. By the time I am outraged and ready to call the police, I discover it hiding between the grown up vehicles. This happens on a regular basis.

I just finished a lovely dinner party. I had a couple of my volunteers over for an early dinner. We had pear and blue cheese salads, tiny shepherd's pies and a ginger cake. Fun evening.

Midnight is the cut off for your Best of Charleston votes. You have to vote for 35 different things for your vote to count but if you live here that shouldn't be too hard. It's a nice way to show some appreciation for businesses that have been good to you. I will leave you to vote now while I clean up my kitchen and wash dishes.


  1. I cannot speak to the car, but I would like to own the house that it's parked in front of...

  2. I think that i lost my first comment. I can't speak for the car but I certainly would like to own the house where the car is parked in front of...

  3. Yes, the house is tempting, but the car got my attention. That's the hot rod version of the Fiat 500, the Abarth. You need it Joan! ;)


  4. My car is similarly small. When I park it between two big SUVs, my husband refers to it as "being in the canyon."

    Oh yes, and what Lowandslow said!

    1. Aren't they easy to zip around in thought? I love my little scion.


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