28 December 2012


Xiao Boa Biscuit, Spring St., Charleston, S.C.

When Eater asked foodies to describe 2012 food scene in Charleston in one word, the word Asian came up a couple of times. This restored gas station at Rutledge and Spring St. might be part of the reason for that. This is the mural on the Xiao Boa Biscuit

Check the Eater website to see the rest of the words describing the food scene in the lowcountry: charleston.eater and for more foodie interests in Charleston.

I have a "before" picture of the gas station but I went out for a bite to eat to celebrate my Friday and had two glasses of wine and I can't find it anywhere. Ooops. Here it is in the current but still rustic condition.


  1. A somewhat different mural!

  2. That is a gorgeous piece of art - glad you captured it on film before someone paints over it! And that retro turquoise color is one of my all-time faves. I love the idea of repurposing an old gas station without changing the architecture. Excellent.

  3. The Monkey King is in the paper this morning. It's a little different though sporting loafers on his monkey feet...


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