09 December 2012

Literary Canine Companions

  Literary canine companions
Are dogs a writer's best friend? Seven
S.C. authors argue yes in new book
   By Jennifer Berry Hawes jhawes@postandcourier.com
 Josephine Humphreys Charleston native and author of "Nowhere Else on Earth," "Dreams of Sleep," "Rich in Love" and "The Fireman's Fair."
I love to write with my dog nearby because writing is lonely. At least when my dog's with me, I feel like there's another presence in the room, another brain at work, even if its frequency is different from mine. A dog is the only way a writer can be un-lonesome but still get work done. Ten other reasons for writing with a dog:

1. The dog never says, "When is your next book coming out?" 
2. The dog understands why someone might stare off into space for several hours. He won't think you're crazy. 
3. The dog believes you're doing something important. 
4. The dog doesn't mind frequent breaks for snacks. 
5. When you read a passage to the dog, he'll say "I love that!" with his eyes. 
6. Unlike a cat, he won't say "I don't get it." 
7. The dog will keep your feet warm while you write. 
8. He can bark at intruders and interruptions. 
9. He won't want to go to the movies the night before your deadline. 
10. By example, he reminds you that readers will trust you and follow you down a mysterious path into another world
I spotted the article by Jennifer Berry Hawes in today's Post & Courier. The book is Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Companions and is available from Amazon and I happened to have a picture of author Josephine Humphreys' canine companion Archie.