09 December 2012

Charleston Men's Choir

Charleston Men's Choir, Sottile Theater, Charleston, S.C.
The only perform a few times a year but each performance is a treat if you enjoy a stage full of gentlemen (and one woman!) singing to you - and I do. The annual Charleston Men's Choir Christmas Concert was this afternoon and a gentleman who used to sing with the choir offered to escort me. Holy Cow it was the perfect storm of driving chaos today with King St. closed for 2nd Sunday and the Mt. Pleasant Holiday Parade this evening. It took a little planning to figure out how to pull it all off since my companion lives on the Isle of Palms, but we did, had a great time and he treated me to dinner at Magnolias after the concert.

I mentioned this gentleman last week. He is a ninety one year old veteran who flew with the Flying Tigers in China in the 1940's. I feel so incredibly honored to have this connection to the stories he has to tell and to be able to ask questions about his experiences and see his collection of memorabilia. How lucky am I? Pretty darn lucky I say.


Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Wonderful shot of you two!

Kate said...

I just told you in another post to wear black with red accessories and the top photo graphically illustrates the wonderful combination! The men with their Santa hats look terrific, and, oh my, that red dress!!

Your escort looks quite elegant and I would have loved to have seen him during his Flying Tiger days. Woo! Hoo!

Marcheline said...

Love that photo of you and the Flying Tiger!