19 December 2012

All I want for Christmas...

What else could these people want for Christmas? Life looks pretty good. I took the top photo on the weekend and the one below last year.

I am on the run to get a walk in before it gets too dark out.

Seems I've been writing a lot of reference letters and scholarship recommendations lately. Time consuming business that is to do it well. Do you think it would be reasonable to start charging a modest percentage of the scholarship for my cut? Harhar.....


  1. Somebody...not me unfortunately...has some fine looking English wheels. I hope Santa got my letter this year. ;)


  2. Pretty snazzy, eh! I've seen some of the cars you've featured.

  3. Pretty cool car! Reference letters are very time consuming if done right. Like you if we had been paid, after writing all those college letters, I'd join you as a millionaiare!

    1. They are time consuming and everyone seems to need them the next day. Still it is fun to be able to get the right kids into good programs or help them get a scholarship.

  4. Thanks for providing readers with that daily photo, and you got a good choice. Hope you received your Christmas wish.


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