21 November 2012

Rub-a-dub, dub - plants in a tub!

Tub planter, Warren St., Charleston, S.C.
Yeah.........long weekend alert! I did get a lot done this week but as far as I am concerned today is my personal Friday and I made it to the Terrace Theater in time for an end of week matinee.

I am having a modest Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with my son and bought a wee turkey breast that on close inspection says it includes dark meat. How is that? I have no idea what I will discover when I unwrap it. Breast wrapped around a leg?

We had white poster board laid out at work for people to write what they were thankful for and all week long I've paused to read the messages. In a hospital I think we are all thankful to work with good people and have meaningful work that touches peoples lives. There were many messages about the blessings of co-workers, families, homes, faith. Then one kid wrote in large letters in the middle, "I AM A DOG". Heheh.


Kate said...

What a lovely looking building and the dash of color on the roof perks up the photo! We have lots for which to be thankful...a country that tolerates freedom, can cast our votes in safe secure environments, practice our religion (or not) as we wish, and I could go on and on. Hope that you have a great Thanksgiving.

Marcheline said...

At last! An honest man! 8-)