25 November 2012

Johns Island Pig Roast

Tractor Rides, Johns Island, S.C.
Truth is I've been posting more pictures on Facebook lately because of the instant feedback. I'm trying not to ignore the blog but FB offers the quick reward. Feel free to connect there!

What a glorious day yesterday was. I was invited to author Josephine Humphrey's post Thanksgiving pig roast on Johns Island. I know - I am too lucky. I went with my friend Pam from US 17 Coastal Highway blog. The theme was a "cuban pig roast" so I made a sticky sweet Tres Leche cake to take with me in case anyone had room for dessert. The food was incredible.

I noticed the gentleman in blue who was with Nathalie Dupree holding his microphone down to catch the sounds of the crackling pork skin and asked him later what he was working on. He turned out to be food journalist Richard Johnson from British Street Food working on a story for BBC about food in the south. Fun! He landed on perfect setting for his story - kids fishing, tractor rides, gracious and welcoming hosts, interesting guests and delicious food.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Back to reality in the morning. Too soon. Too soon.