04 November 2012

Greenway Walking

Scenes from West Ashley Greenway, Charleston, S.C.
It takes exactly half an hour to walk from my house to South Windermere along the West Ashley Greenway path. It is a lovely peaceful walk and I'd probably burn off a few calories if I hadn't paused for a yummy brunch at the Three Little Birds cafe.

Yeah, an extra hour! I've been bummed thinking I was losing an hour and then it struck me that it was the other way around. I am spending a bit of my extra time watching Saturday Night Live which is always at it's best during a campaign season.

Three Little Birds Cafe, Charleston, S.C.


Marcheline said...

Excellent pics! That cafe sounds delicious, if only just because of the name. Instead of an extra hour of sleep, I got an extra hour of wakefulness thanks to my cat horking and waking me up. Yay.

Lowandslow said...

Like Marchelline's cat, my dog hasn't reset his internal clock yet, so I didn't get to take advantage of my gift of a free hour. The weather is perfect here today, and I think I'll duplicate your walk later , although not the part of having a bite to eat at the Three Little Birds. *darn*


Charlestonjoan said...

It was delicious. It is a tiny little place and has become so popular it often has a group waiting for a table so I don't bother with it. We were lucky to just have to wait for a couple of minutes.

Charlestonjoan said...

No pets here so I lazed around for an extra hour. Funny how time can slip by. I am going to miss it staying light long enough to walk in the evenings.