17 October 2012

The Original Ms. Rose's Fine Wall of China

Restaurant Wall at Ms. Rose's Restaurant, Charleston, S.C.

I know, I know, you aren't supposed to go to a new restaurant and review the wall but it was so cool! They took all the old silverware, knives, glasses, fans, china from the previous restaurant on the property and made a full wall collage out of them. I loved it and kept spotting new things. Click to enlarge the photo for details.

There are so many new restaurants in Charleston I am getting behind but I had dinner at the recently opened Original Ms. Rose's restaurant on Sam Rittenburg Blvd. this evening. Hang on, I did take some food photos after I finished admiring the wall. Yum! That little sweet piece of cheesecake was creamy smooth deliciousness.


  1. Omigod! Those food pictures look delicious! I forgot all about the wall.

  2. Now, THIS is marvelous. It is a very creative approach. And . . . I really shouldn't be looking at these food pic just before dinner. Looks like quite a place.

  3. These are actual size. Don't go if your hungry.

    1. Didn't get enough to eat, eh? My portion was plenty but I'll try something else next time. I had the gnocchi. My companion was quite happy with his meal.


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