15 October 2012

Little Bits of Famous Hits

Little Bits of Famous Hits, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
When I was at the Autumn Festival at Magnolia Plantation on Sunday afternoon I noticed what looked like a low deck with paper strewn on it. On closer inspection it appeared to be a low stage area. They had spread out an assortment of sheet music and glued and sealed them onto the wooden deck. It made a creative photo op.

I've taken to cooking dinner for friends on Monday nights. I can prep and cook dishes over the weekend that I can warm up when I come home from work. I sometimes cheat and stop by Sesame for a quick and delicious salad (apple & brie today).

This evening's menu was pot roast and scalloped potatoes for my son. I've been having fun in my new little nest. As I cook for company lately I've eaten more meat than I've cooked for myself all year long. Normally I am a "lazy vegetarian" - not opposed to eating a little meat when I am out but rarely cook it for myself. Now I cook it for guests and live on the leftovers all week log. Who shall I cook for next and what shall I make?


Marcheline said...

Cook for me! And make eggs, grits, and bacon. Glad you asked. 8-)

Charlestonjoan said...

Come on over! I can do that. Brunch for Marcheline!