05 October 2012

Friday Night Hodge Podge

Ride 'em! Charleston, S.C.

Crystal Light Bulbs....aren't these cool?!

Photographer Leigh Webber took the most beautiful pictures of the Ultimate Critic's Dinner location at Ashem Farm before the event. Ooooh....why did it have to be so expensive to go?

I was randomly googling for Elephant Plates...I don't know why, and came across this fun Etsy shop called The Mad Platters. Fun stuff!

I had 900 hits in one day on Charleston Daily Photo from people looking for halloween pumpkin decorating ideas because WE ARE SO DARNED GOOD AT IT. Last year we didn't even have a contest but after all the search hits I've been getting I called and suggested we announce a pumpkin decorating contest again because it is earning us national attention. :) Boo! There are worse things to be known for. This is cool.

I ended my day at a rather odd movie this evening. I saw The Master at the Terrace and scratched my head a little. Then I stopped by JPaulz for a tasty snack on the way home. Nice way to end the week.

Let the weekend begin!


Rick said...

Our department entered one on the first annual carved pumpkin contest many years ago on Rutledge Ave. I carved it. Ours won the Flunky Punky award. Never sure what that meant.

Charlestonjoan said...

I am amazed at how many people are looking for ideas and come across our pictures. We could become famous for pumpkin decorating although I'm not sure that is on our annual goals for 2012. Heheh.