26 September 2012

Walk west young woman, walk west

Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
This is my walking neighborhood now. I can't tell you how many people have seen me walking, assumed my car had broken down and stopped to offer me a ride. Heheh. Folks at work stop me bewildered saying, "Was that you I saw walking on Highway 17?" Yep!

I do my best to wind my way between neighborhoods but sooner or later I have to dash across a highway even to get over to the greenway. I can walk to South Windermere shops if I have time and I can hike to a good number of grocery stores and restaurants. It ain't the peninsula but I do pretty good.

Burrell & Flynn is the new little coffee shop that tempts me with ice coffee after a long hot walk. I have avoided their pastry so far but they do make yummy pimento cheese. 

Burrell & Flynn, Charleston, S.C.
The Glass Onion at the far  end of this last shot is delicious of course but there is also some action at the old #1 Car Wash. It was suggested that it might be renovated for a restaurant as well. If I just stay here long enough perhaps all the good stuff will come to me.


Kate said...

The Greenway is prettty long; have you walked the length of it yet?

I've been away for a few day and am trying to catch up!!

Charlestonjoan said...

I haven't walked the length of it. I've walked the bikeway on the other side of the highway and followed it down to the water. It isn't quite so long.

Anonymous said...

In the 17 years that we've lived in Old Windermere it's just gotten better and better and better! It's so nice to walk the greenway each morning, and be able to walk to EarthFare, the library, Half Moon, Dolittles, the bakery, Starbuck's, etc. etc... when we moved here there wasn't much at Avondale except Gerald's and Subway, it's really getting some good places... WOOHOO!

Pixel Peeper said...

Hah - I know what you mean by people questioning your walking habits! I used to walk during lunch when I lived in South Carolina and one of my co-workers saw me in a ditch next to the road near work (what he didn't see was me trying to get a picture of a snapdragon in the ditch). Carefully asked the question, "Miss Betina, are you in the ditch ON PURPOSE?"

Love the picture of the colorful storefronts. And I do think that coffee shops are placed strategically throughout the landscape to be a reward after a hot walk!