28 September 2012

The Weekend Cometh

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.

Let's do this weekend thing!

I wasn't sure I was going to make it to my ritual Friday afternoon matinee movie since I am taking 526 people from Roper St. Francis Healthcare to the Lowcountry Heart Walk in the morning. My office looks like an explosion of blue t-shirts and my drawer was full of money stapled to scraps of paper with people's names and teams on them.

I couldn't make to the Terrace so I scrambled in late to see Sleepwalk with Me at Citadel Mall. FYI, the snack deal at Citadel Mall is the kiddie pack - small drink, small popcorn and small candy for $4. Thank you! The movie was just over an hour long by comedian Mike Birbiglia about his career as a stand up comic and his sleep walking problem. He actually jumped out of a hotel window while sleepwalking. Yikes.

See y'all at the Heart Walk!