09 September 2012

Super Heroes for Heart Health

I've had pirates (Me HEARTies!) and Med in Red dresses promoting the Lowcountry Heart Walk in past year, now let me introduce a couple of our Super Heroes for Heart Health.

I do work with a bunch of good sports!

These rascals work in our business office. Debbi Tanner on the right is a Triple Heart-by-Pass Survivor herself and had heart surgery May of 1993. She has been supporting a healthy life style including eating healthy ever since. Super Sassy Survivor's fundraising web site can be found here. She is accompanied by her Super Supporter Laura Icard. Love you two ladies!

Now, what shall I wear?  Super Hero......hmmmm.

The Lowcountry Heart Walk will be held on 9/29. It is a three mile fun walk starting at Liberty Square and heading along the waterfront and back. All good stuff for a good cause. Join the fun here. I love the progress made in heart disease treatment and prevention and intend to take at least 500 walkers to the event. My fundraising site is here. I'd be delighted to see you there.


Jack said...

I see you in a Super Woman outfit. Absolutely.

Charlestonjoan said...

Too funny! I am not sure about that!

Susan Moorhead said...

You just have too much fun.