03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Lake Marion, S.C.

It may be a cheapo little girl bike but it gets me to some pretty locations. Look at that! I am a timid bicyclist and have no interest in riding in traffic so this is just the right speed for me. I putter along country lanes and the only people who pass me are trucks towing boats and golf carts. The truck drivers wave and move to the other lane and the golf cart drivers hold their little dogs in one arm and wiggle their cigarettes in the air in passing.

Lake Marion suits me fine but here is a link to: America's Best Lake Vacations. What a beautiful country this is. I've seen quite a few of them as well as some beautiful lakes around the world. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I am catching up with all the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert recordings from convention week and getting a good laugh. My handyman is working on the last bedroom ceiling so I will soon be able to get my furniture back in place. Whew.