22 September 2012

Joggling Board - old style

Joggling Board, Aiken Rhett House, Charleston, S.C.
Since we have been on a Joggling Board track lately I am happy to share an original. Isn't this lovely? I bought a ticket to the Museum Mile weekend and hopped between museums, historic houses and art galleries this morning. I found this sweetie on the piazza of the Aiken Rhett House on Elizabeth St. Photos aren't allowed in the interior but I grabbed the chance to get a photo of this old joggling board.

It was a nice way to spend the day. I got in some places I haven't been to since I first moved to Charleston and some I'd never been in. After the Aiken Rhett House I did a quick run through the Charleston Museum, the Confederate Museum, the Old Slave Mart Museum, lunch at Bull St. Gourmet and finished off at the Gibbes Art Museum for the Willard Hirsch sculptures and the Rock & Roll Photography show.


Lowandslow said...

I went to a couple of your wonderful museums when I visited a few years ago. I was most impressed! I'd love to see one of those joggling boards in action. ;)


Charlestonjoan said...

You can try it out yourself now that I have one!

Marcheline said...

What's with the two pins stuck in the end of that joggling board? They don't seem to do anything functional regarding holding it together... wonder what they're for?

Charlestonjoan said...

I bet it keeps it from bending so much that the ends come through. If a bunch of people piled on it might bend enough to touch the ground and pull through. I see the new ones have a pin there as well.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I love the Aiken Rhett House! Now that is one cool joggling board!!