13 August 2012

Guard Lion on South Battery

South Battery, Charleston, S.C.
Grrrrr. I guess this would be called a Guard Lion? I had so much water in my yard after this weekend's rain that I might easily have a Guard Gator or maybe a Guard Snake or two.

I had a mid day meeting cancelled today at the last minute. Unexpected free time is like a little present isn't it? Here - take these two hours and do what you will with them. Yeah!

How about a little blog hopping?

Here is a present for all your friends with iPhones: Micro Tripod on a Keychain. Cool.

Random Acts of Garden Kindness - Sneak out and plant something!

Learn how to trim your bushes into extraordinary shapes at the Topiary Workshop with the amazing Pearl Fryer from Bishopville on Aug. 18th at the the Simmons Garden at St. John’s Reformed Episcopal Church, 91 Anson Street in Charleston.

Latest Charleston Blog Baby - It's a Boy! What a cutie pie.

Lazy girls Art Walk: Barbara Stroud introduces us to a new artist each week.

Remember Ryan White story? His mother will be speaking at the Riviera Theater on Aug. 24 from  2-4 pm. I think I will go. Seating is limited, please RSVP to 402-2092 or kimberly.balaguer@rsfh.com.

Did you see the clip of the alligator grabbing a snack at the PGA on Kiawah last week. I heard the food was expensive so he is fending for himself. Wow.