24 July 2012

Travel Tuesdays

My thinking was that every Tuesday I might feature a picture taken outside of Charleston.  Some days the "Charleston Daily Photo" title feels restrictive. Surely I am allowed to amble off campus now and then.

This picture was taken on a hiking vacation in Ireland some years ago. I had intended to go with a girlfriend who backed out at the last minute. When you are single and planning a vacation that is a big deal. I called the travel agent intending to cancel the trip but was encouraged to go on a trip that was for "solo travelers". Keep in mind that this was "solo", not for "singles". It was designed for independant travelers who happened to be alone, rather than people trying to hook up.

It was one of the best vacations I have ever taken in my life. The group included a Radiologist from Australia, a Psychologist from New Zealand, a Belgian school teacher, a French Pharmacist, a nurse from Cape Code, a gal who worked for NASA, a twenty one year old Canadian girl and a Scottish grandmother among others. At some point we walked along with each person and got to know everyone in the group.

We ate breakfast together at our inn and then set out hiking each day ending up in a pub by late afternoon. The group suited every interest. If someone wanted to hang out and watch TV in the evening there was someone to do that with. If you wanted to go to the pub in the village there was someone who wanted to join that party. I hit the jackpot in travel companions. By the end of the week we all exchanged emails and kept in touch for some time.

Irish Graffiti