16 July 2012

Chicago Trip Impressions

Crown Fountain, Millennium Park, Chicago
  • Planes arriving early? What's with that? Have they changed the travel estimate so passengers get the impression that we are arriving early? It works for me. Yipee, I got in early!
  • Chicago Taxis are cute little Scion XBs. 
  • Pedestrian signals lights up before green traffic signals giving walkers a head start before cars start turning. Thank you. 
  • Architects must love Chicago. Skyrise buildings are presented like precious treasures. I never heard as many Architect's names as I did on the river Architecture boat tour. 
  • Sporty town! People can ride their bike to the lake to go swimming. The beaches are full of serious volley ball action, roller blade hockey, soccer. We watched exciting sail boat races at the Navy Pier.
  • The large outdoor art installations are grand and delight so many people - the bean, the spitty mouth Crown fountains. Such joy!
  • The Art Institute is worth an entire day so that is what we did.
  • There was an adorable wee kid's level sink and soap dispenser in the bathroom at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  What a hit with the toddler crowd. 
  • It was great being with my daughter. She does the travel research and lines up interesting restaurants and neighborhoods to explore. We walked for miles each day dodging rain storms in musty antique stores and coffee shops. More photos here.  
Now, time to see what you have all been up to while I've been away!

Architectural Tour, Chicago
Chicago Art Institute, Chicago
Chicago Art Institute, Chicago
The Bean!
Crown Fountain, Chicago
My gal scouting out coffee shops in the rain
NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me!
Volleyball at the Lake
Amazing sailing at the Navy Pier