26 July 2012

Charleston Grit Blogging Party

Charleston Magazine's posse of bloggers Charleston Grit had a party and I was invited. Woo hoo! The event was held at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery on King St. and I'd been looking forward to snooping around all the delicious artwork. I went with my friend Susan Moore and we met all kinds of interesting people. Bloggers, artists, writers, designers and stylish folk galore. It was great to meet the faces behind Charleston Magazine. They gave out a few awards to people who have been blogging under the Charleston Grit umbrella. It was good to put some faces to people I've only known online.

In the bottom photo is the meeting of the "Joans". There aren't too many of us Joans around anymore. We have to stick together when we can. :)) Whenever she says something clever I aim to take credit for it.

Good to meet y'all!