13 June 2012

SCRUBS Camp Field Trip Day

SCRUBS Camp 2012, Charleston, S.C.
I will return to regular programing shortly but for this week I am consumed with forty four teenagers who think they want to work in healthcare. I love 'em! Today I arranged a bus to pick them all up and we took a field trip to Trident Technical College. They opened up all their health career labs for the kids to explore including the very cool simulator mannequin lab.

Take a close look at the background in the shot above. There is no real equipment in the shot. The kids are posing in front of a hanging curtain.

Many thanks to Dr. Hernandez and the team at Trident Technical College for welcoming my happy gang!


Kate said...

Looks like they'll keep all of you very busy this summer. Lucky kids, and I admire their motivation.

Jennifer Hawes said...

This is the BEST CAMP EVER for students considering a future in a health field. Many, many thanks to everyone at Roper St. Francis and Trident Technical College for making this such an educational, interesting experience for this crew. My daughter is already bummed that she cannot do it again next year! Thank you, Joan, and the rest of the staff.

Charlestonjoan said...

Thanks Jennifer! The staff at Roper St. Francis Healthcare are so incredible. They compete to give the students a great experience. So many people were involved. The kids wrote thank you notes each day and ran around delivering them.