11 June 2012

Hiking the Greenway

West Ashley Greenway, Charleston, S.C.
I'm not the only one who hikes the West Ashley Greenway. I met this little fella on his way. 

Looks nice and dry in this picture but I just got my get up and go to go out for my walk this evening and it has started to pour. Drat.


Kate said...

And, did you tell him about the tortoise and the hare as you zipped by after taking his photo?!

Charlestonjoan said...

Heheh....the nice thing about the little pocket cameras is that you can reach down and snap a shot and hope for the best. Sometimes they turn out!

レビトラ said...

Hi tortoise, How are you?
You are so cute.
Where are you going?

Gina Brown said...

love it Joan. Thanks for all that you do :)