03 June 2012

Colonial Lake & Rooftop Views

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.
I hope they all got home safely but it delights me to know there are still little rascals having adventures.

I parked around Colonial Lake yesterday evening and kidnapped a work friend whose wife sells jewelry in the market in the evenings. We went up to the rooftop bar at the Vendue Inn and enjoyed the incredible view and perfect weather even though we did talk about work all night. We did solve everything...heheh.

I had never been up to the rooftop bar although I'd always heard it was one of the best views in town. After you look over the rooftop air conditioning units it is. By the time we came down there was a waiting line winding down to the street level so I don't think it will be regular place to go in the tourist season. We were  lucky last night getting in and getting a good table. Since we don't have many tall buildings in Charleston I am always on the look out for the best views.

Yeah, my handyman and his son are working on my house this morning. We are close to turning the old green shutters (yuck) blue. Whew. 

Ready for some beautiful garden photos? Tidewater Gardner is always a treat.

Art, decor and more! Add Barbara Stroud to your list. I am discovering a lot of new artists through her eyes.