05 May 2012

Walking the West Ashley Bikeway

View from the Bikeway, Charleston, S.C.

Since the West Ashley Bikeway is near my house I decided to steer my morning walk to find out where it actually ended. The path is nice, clean and paved for bikes. It was peaceful and lovely. I only passed four other people this morning - two joggers and a father and son on bikes. The unfortunate section is where you pop out of the woods and have to cross Highway 61 at a spot where there is no light. Tricky.

The ship in the distance let me place Charlestowne Landing on my left. I thought I might see some of the paddle boaters today but I was too high up. All in all a very nice walk. Good to know that I can walk to the water from my house.

The end of the West Ashely Bikeway


Catalyst said...

Looks like a lovely area.

lowandslow said...

Learning your way around your new 'hood? :)