27 May 2012

It's a beautiful day for a battle

Revolutionary War reenactment, Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.

Who can resist re-enacting a battle on a beautiful day like this? Aaaahh....I love the smell of fresh gun powder in the air. I went out to Middleton Plantation to see the costumed historians commemorate General Nathanael Greene's encampment of the southern army at Middleton Place during the Revolutionary War in 1782.
Living History Day:  Contrary to popular belief, the majority of battles of the American Revolution were not fought in the Northeast, but in South Carolina.  All told, there were over 500 engagements, large and small, fought in the state. New Jersey, with 300 engagements, is a distant second. The American Revolution in South Carolina was a true civil war with neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. The largest number of patriot troops captured in a single engagement during the war came when Charleston fell to the British. Soon thereafter, Arthur Middleton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who served in the defense of Charleston, was sent as a prisoner of war to St. Augustine, Florida.  Many scholars say that the War for American Independence was won in South Carolina.


Lowandslow said...

Interesting history lesson. Thanks. Militarily South Carolina has been immensely important in American history. Good to know.


Rick said...

That number of POW's was the most on record in every war until WWII. Charleston has that distinction. You lost the chance to misquote Apocalypse Now: I love the smell of gunpowder int the morning. It smells like.....history.
Nice entry. Always love the historical aspect.

Antjas said...

I live only a few miles from where the "shot heard around the world" was fired to begin the Revolutionary War, so naturally I thought it truly belonged to the Northeast and the Civil War belonged to the south. (As Canadians, should we mention who the War of 1812 belonged to?) Thanks again for the lesson. Since our wonderful visit to Charleston in April, my husband has become enthralled with the history of the area. Now, if you can get rid of the humidity and bugs, maybe I can talk him into retiring down there.